Stefan Verster, Zambezi Crescent Relief Manager/ Reservations

No one can deny that the last few months have proven rather challenging, forcing us to adapt to the times and changing our everyday-normal to new ways of being. Thankfully, some things remained the same, such as the natural wonder of the lovely Zambezi river. The rivers calm beauty, and the spirit of hope and generosity of those who have come to call it their second home. Stefan is one of those who remain hopeful. He has been working for Zambezi Crescent for over two years, before joining our team, Stefan worked as a Duty Manager at a four-star Accommodation and Conferencing Venue and Spa in Cape Town.The avid gamer, with interests in Guest Relations and Information Technology, spent some time answering a few of our questions allowing us to get to know him a little better.

Why, in your opinion, is The Falls a must-see?

It’s not called one of the ‘Wonders of the World’ for nothing. It was so much bigger and more powerful than what I ever imagined it to be.

What would you say is the absolute best experience at the Lodge?

Over and above the wildlife on your doorstep, like elephants quenching their thirst from the plunge pool right outside your room, I would say the friendliness and efficiency of the staff and management exceeded all expectations.

What is the best experience outside of the Lodge?

Exploring Victoria Falls towns markets and the welcoming nature of its people.

What item should our guests pack for their next trip?

Besides your camera, I recommend sunglasses and maybe a power-bank for devices (just in case something goes down when you are out and about and therefore not close enough to your room where the devices may be recharged).

What would you say is your favourite meal at Victoria Falls River Lodge?

The bacon-wrapped ostrich fillet on my first night there was just perfect.

And your favourite drink at the Lodge?

Undoubtedly, a G&T.

What clothing item do you recommend guests to never go without?

A hat or sunhat.

Please tell us about a favourite memory you might have at the Lodge?

Being chased away by an indignant elephant after the Guide and I stumbled upon her taking a mud bath. I wished I could have filmed that.

Any other tips or advice for tourists visiting the Lodge for the first time?

Take the sunset river cruise on the first night. You have not seen the sunset like this before.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Stefan as much as we have and would like to encourage you to keep the hope and spirit of travel alive! Whatever you do during this time, we hope you do it with enthusiasm.