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This week, we speak to Ronald, an outdoor and nature lover who is a regular at the Lodge and long time traveler to Zimbabwe

Ronald shares his favourite activities as well as some tips and advice for other travelers.

Ronald also shares with us a hidden treasure in the lower Zambezi that not many people know about.

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Chat Summary 

This week we spoke to Ronald, one of our favorite guests at the Lodge who has stayed with us more than five times. During our conversation, we tried to find out why Ronald keeps returning to Victoria Falls and what advice he could give to other visitors to the region.

There is no shortage of things to see and do at Victoria Falls. Every person who comes to the Lodge seems to have a different favorite. No two experiences are the sameeven for someone who has has been to the region as many times as Ronald.

On Return Visits

Ronald says that he loves coming back because he finds it extremely relaxingespecially since it’s right by the river. “If you want to relax and really be at peace then that’s the place to be, he said.

Of course, Ronald is no stranger to Victoria Falls. He is an avid traveler and knows the region very well, thanks to his past travel experiences. So, by now he has developed certain tastes and routines. The staff at the Lodge have also come to know Ronald’s favorite meal: Sadza Nenyama, one of Zimbabwe’s favorite staple foods. Ronald notes that, although this is a basic meal, it’s one of the things he looks forward to. “It’s a simple meal; I like the simplicity of it.”

Sadza can be served with a variety of foods, from chicken to oxtail to Mopane worms (edible moth caterpillars), which Ronald is not a fan of, at all. You can read more about Sadza here.

If Ronald could have his way, he would have a fire going every night. “I’d sit around the fire and have a beer every night,” says Ronald.

Though Ronald enjoys the great outdoors, his wife doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for it. After the first time at the Lodge, however, he decided to bring his wife along for his second visit. It was probably more luxurious than I expected the first time, and it encouraged me to bring my wife the second time because she doesn’t like the bush like I do, he explained.

On Trip Highlights:

  • River Cruises; Irrespective of the time of day, he enjoys seeing the animals.
  • Driving through the Park.

On Hidden Gems of Zimbabwe

Because he is a regular visitor to the region, Ronald has been able to explore quite extensively. One of the things he finds fascinating is the Vadoma—or the Two-toed tribewho reside in the lower Zambezi area. It turns out that even many Zimbabweans don’t know much about the Vadoma tribe. You can learn more about them here. Ronald described the Vadoma tribe as “a very private tribe and interesting people.”

On Packing and Travel Advice

Ronald notes that he is impressed by the new Zimbabwe Airport, which he notes, has vastly improved. As far as packing, Ronald’s advice would be “be prepared for the river,” pack lots of sun block because it can get very hot. Other items he suggests include:

  • Sandals
  • Hat
  • Shorts for the day
  • Longs in the evenings

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