Low Water Rafting Returns to the Zambezi on 3 August

Shearwater’s 28th season of White Water Rafting has reached the much anticipated low water stage. With the largest number of high volume Grade 5 rapids in a 25km stretch and warm water throughout the year, the Batoka Gorge definitely provides the greatest one day Rafting experience in the world. The journey starts right at the foot of the Victoria Falls – The Boiling Point (Rapid #1) and ends at The Last Straw (Rapid #19). Whether you will join the masses that tip over on the way… is between you, the guide and the mighty River. We expect the low water season to commence on the 3rd of August and run until sometime around New Year’s Day of 2014. For those who want to take it up a notch; River boarding, Overnight and Multi-day Rafting Adventures are also back, ready and waiting to be explored.