Zambezi River Rafting



Seasonal, approx. Aug-Dec.

Prepare to get wet and wild on the mighty Zambezi in one, adrenalin-filled, day regarded by many as the world’s greatest white water rafting run.

Operated by Shearwater Adventures, the Zambezi River Low Water Run is an experience to remember forever – one day, 19 rapids and a thousand memories. Feel the exhilaration and thrills of some of the biggest rapids in the world at their best as the all-powerful god of the Zambezi, Nyami-Nyami, looks on.

Transfer back to town is at approx. 14h30.

Excludes US$10 cash for Parks Fees


Seasonal, approx. Jan-Feb and June-July.

During the rains, the floodwaters of the Zambezi River collect on the Barotse Plains in Zambia. When it reaches Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls swells to its maximum height and magnificence, and Shearwater commences with their High Water Run – offering the ride of a lifetime down 14 rapids, in one day, on the best stretch of white water in the world.

Transfer back to town is at approx. 13h30.

Excludes US$10 cash for Parks Fees


June Only

“Splash and Dash” describes a very high water run operated at the beginning and end of the rafting season. Most of the really big, dramatic rapids, for which the Zambezi is famous, have either been washed out or are considered too dangerous for commercial rafting purposes. The stretch of the river between rapid 15 and rapid 24 is very fast flowing but the rapids are quite gentle compared to other times of the year.

Considered more of a scenic trip, as the gorge and the river are breathtakingly beautiful following the rainy season, the whirlpools and boils can pose a few unexpected surprises for the unwary. The hike out of the gorge remains as always – arduous!

Excludes US$10 cash for Parks Fees

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