Shearwater Activities in the Rainy Season

The rainy season is here, nature is getting the long-awaited restoration and the animals are coming out to play. However, this time of the year does come with concerns in relation to activities in Victoria Falls. To this effect, we have prepared a quick guideline to use as reference for when it rains.

Helicopter flights
The pilot uses his discretion depending on the density of cloud cover or intensity of the rains. Shearwater Adventures aims to give maximum visibility of the Victoria Falls and surroundings and therefore if the pilot considers this compromised,  flights will be stopped and set to resume when it clears. The dedicated staff will communicate with the agent and/or clients and reschedule to a later time convenient for them. When booking the Helicopter Flight at this time of year, it is recommend that guests do not leave it to the same morning that they are set to depart Victoria Falls as this will eliminate the window of flexibility.

White-water Rafting
Unless there is a thunderstorm, the rains will not affect the trip. Everyone will be getting wet anyway!!! Shearwater Adventures recommends shoes with grip because the pathway in and out may be slippery. Their guides and porters will walk as fast as the slowest client.

Bridge activities – Bungee, Swing, Slide and Bridge Tour

Because of the nature of these options, the rains will bring a stop to the activities on the Bridge. Shearwater will wait until it clears to resume. If the activity time has passed, their staff will reschedule to the next best time.

Unless a trip is cancelled by the Shearwater’s operations, clients who decide to cancel while the scheduled tour continues will not be eligible for a refund or a waiver on cancellation fees. Should Shearwater’s operations declare the trip cancelled due to bad weather, and clients cannot reschedule due to other commitments or departure, these clients shall be entitled to a full refund and will be advised accordingly.