25 04, 2019

Guest Highlights: Ramzan Miah


London Fashion Week Model spends time at Victoria Falls River Lodge Ramzan Miah THE first male British Bangladeshi model to appear at the London Fashion Week, recently stayed at Victoria Falls River Lodge. Ramzan Miah from Luton, Bedfordshire, has [...]

Guest Highlights: Ramzan Miah2019-04-25T18:18:46+02:00
1 02, 2019

Guest Highlights: Jaco Rademeyer


CALLING all Southern African tourists – have you ever considered travelling your own continent? Experiencing the magic of a neighbouring country; a familiar, yet completely different African journey, especially when combined with seeing one of the natural wonders of the [...]

Guest Highlights: Jaco Rademeyer2019-02-01T08:24:21+02:00